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Typesetting involves laying out text and illustrations to a specified design to produce a pdf document ready for print.  Long gone are the days where the typesetter manually places wooden blocks for each letter, ready for the printing press to cast its ink over the blocks in order to produce the ‘perfect text on page’; everything today is done with computers.  However, the careful skill and painstaking attention to detail still remains today.  Although it is certainly easier with the latest typesetting technology, the ability to typeset is a complicated skill, and within moments of looking at any book, it is easy to tell whether there was a professional typesetter involved or not. 

At Adir Press, we use the best typesetters around – fully acquainted with the latest technology and an artistic eye to maximize the page’s effect.  With years of experience, our typesetting team can do everything according to your needs and even suggest their own design of the book’s interior.

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Here is an example of some typesetted pages from Adir Press


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