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Excellent print quality is essential when it comes to producing a quality book. Today, one may have thought that the process is easy - click print and you have a book! This is however not the case and print quality differs drastically between each Printing House.

For this reason, ShortVort Publications uses the most modern printers in the world. Although we work with printers outside of Israel too, most of our printing happens within Israel itself - in some of the best Printing Houses in the world; which use the latest digital technology and grey-scale adjustment devices.

“Printing” includes lamination and binding, and at ShortVort Publications, we use the most highly recommended professionals in the whole of Israel in order to produce the most perfect book.


We are currently preparing a short video, taking the viewer through the entire printing process in 1 minute: Sign up on the right hand side to be one of the first to receive this video!


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